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July 6
Hi chorale folk - just another reminder that Chorale rehearsals for our
summer season start this Monday, July 9th at St. Luke's UMC (on Broadway
south of C-470).  Please try to get there around 6:45 this Monday as you
will need to fill out an informational sheet, pay your dues ($35 for
summer), and get your music.
See you then!!!

Hi chorale folk - just a reminder that if you have friends or family that
are interested in singing with us this summer, they may join us during the
first two weeks of summer rehearsals.
See you Monday night at St. Luke's UMC at 6:45.

June 15
Dear Chorale Members,

Thank you Littleton Chorale members!! We had an excellent response to  our
call for volunteers to hand out neckties at Saturday's Rockies/ Devil Rays
game. In fact, we had more volunteers than the 30 we are  allowed. My
thanks to those volunteers who were flexible and  "unvolunteered" to cut
our numbers down to just 30.

We even "optioned out" two surplus volunteers to the Bega/Littleton  Sister
City group. That group just got word this week that the group  scheduled to
hand out baseball caps backed out of their agreement to  do the Father's
Day game. The Chorale will get $500 from the Rockies  for the necktie
handout and the Bega/Littleton group will give us $40  from their Rockies
check for two volunteers we "optioning out" to  help them on Sunday. (I
think the Bega/Littleton group is still  hoping to get a few more
volunteers for Sunday. If you can help out,  call their president, Jan
Brosseau {303-798-4344}, and see if they  still need help.) Every volunteer
we provide means $20 for the  Chorale. Sunday's game is an afternoon game,
and the Rockies want  volunteers at Coors Field by 10:15.

Here are the people I have on my list who will hand out ties at  Saturday's
Rockies game.

Number              Name           Phone                         Plan  to
car pool

1                Ken Coddington               303-795-0401          X
1            Hank Fischer                         303-795-5217         X
2            Zig Berzins + 1                  303-916-3507
3            Debbie & Kyle Pinkerton + 1            303-355-3069
2            Jean Nutter and husband Ron  303-771-6058
2            Jeanni Hougnon and husband  303-798-9227
2            Wilt and Paula Cooper             303-971-8671
7            Donella Jacobs plus 6 more             303-795-6066     X
1            Betty Berry                               303-779-9899
2            Larry and Idette Hunt                 303-770-6954
2              David Moore and Jennifer Calhoun   303-455-6767
3              Barb Lynham  family                    303-979-7989
2              Bill Foster & friend                        303-683-1697 -

30   Total

If you are on the list and you plan to join some of us who are "car 
pooling" from the Littleton United Methodist Church, please call 
(303-795-0401) or e-mail me so I can be looking for you at the church  at
2:20 PM. You will note the "X" following the names of "car  poolers" I have
already heard from. The car pools will leave the  church at 2:30 sharp.

  If there are any late changes please call me on my cell phone 

  Ken Coddington

June 12
Hi folks - we have 20 people helping out for the Rockies game, but we still
need 5 to 10 more to help.  Please look at your calendar one more time and
see if you can help us out on this Saturday, June 16th.  The Rockies play
Tampa Bay, and the Rockies have been doing pretty well lately, so hopefully
it will be a good game.  I have listed the people below who have already
offered to help (in case you see a friend and want to enjoy the game with
them!) and have also included some information from Ken that explains the
"drill" for Saturday a little better.  You can either call Ken, or reply to
this email if you are still interested in helping out.  Thanks!!

Ken Coddington
Hank and Kathleen Fischer
Zig Berzins + 1 person
Debbie Pinkerton and husband Kyle
Jean Nutter and husband Ron
Jeanni Hougnon and husband + friends hopefully
Wilt and Paula Cooper
Donella Jacobs plus 3 more
Betty Berry
Larry and Idette Hunt

Here is the drill for those helping hand out a promotional item at a Rockies

. If we have at least 25 volunteers the Chorale gets $500.00.
. Wear something comfortable, a Littleton Chorale shirt if you have one.
Remember when you hand out stuff you are going to be standing on concrete so
keep footwear in mind. Also, this is an evening game and it maybe a lot
cooler by the end of the game.
. No glass bottles, cans, alcohol or hard sided coolers are allowed to be
brought into the ball park. Small backpacks and soft drinks and water in
plastic bottles are allowed.
. The volunteers must be at the Employee entrance area of Coors Field by
3:15. The game is not until 6:05 but the Rockies want us there early. You'll
have some time to look around before the gates open.
. The Employee entrance is outside the ball park, under the center field
bleachers area on the north side of the ball park. To get there go to the
corner of 22nd Ave. and Blake Street and walk along 22nd. You are walking
northwest and will go down a long flight of steps and then will walk past
Gate A.  You continue walking straight and begin looking for the Employee
entrance. I should be in that area directing you to the Employee entrance.
. Even though it is a Saturday, allow plenty of time to find a place to
park and walk to the employee entrance. Remember - most, if not all, street
parking is limited to a couple of hours and the meters are in effect. I'd
suggest car pooling and parking in a private or Rockies lot.
. If you want to car pool call me, Ken, at 303-868-2868 by noon on
Saturday. We will meet and arrange car pools at the Littleton United
Methodist Church parking lot. Be there by 2:20 and we will leave at 2:30.
. Another way to get to and from the game is to ride light rail. You take
the C train (remember C as in Coors Field). The C train takes you to the
back of Union Station. It will then take you 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the
ball park and get to the north side to the Employee entrance. Check the
Saturday light rail schedule on the RTD website for times.
. When our 25 to 30 people are at the ball park we will get a brief
orientation and then be split up into smaller groups to hand out stuff at
the 5 Coors Field gates.
. We handout ties to the first 10,000 paying fans. We are responsible for
taking care of the empty boxes and other promotional trash at the gates. We
are done and can get our tickets to go watch the game when the promotional
items are gone or the game is into the 2nd inning and the gate area is
picked up. Usually our seats are together in the same area, so you can
generally sit with the people you want.
. Every volunteer gets - one of the promo items and a ticket to the game.
You may stay for the game or leave.

QUESTIONS?  CALL ME  - KEN CODDINGTON - 303-795-0401 or my cell

I hope this last e-mail will get us the 5 to 10 more we need.


June 11
Dear Littleton Chorale,
I hope your summer is going well.  We're a month away from getting back to
singing again and I can't wait!  The music for the summer this year will
again feature great hits from the classic broadway musicals that we've all come to love.  I'm putting together a set of composers this year that I think you'll really enjoy including Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, and of course Rodgers and Hammerstein.  We'll begin rehearsals on Monday, July 9 at 7:00.  Rehearsals will again be held at St. Luke's UMC in the Choir room downstairs for the summer.
Below is our Summer 2007 schedule.

Monday, July 9 at 7:00 (St. Luke's)
Monday, July 16 at 7:00
Monday, July 23 at 7:00
Monday, July 30 at 7:00
Monday, August 6 at 7:00
Monday, August 13 at 7:00
Wednesday, August 15  at 6:30 Carousel of Music (Littleton Town Center)
Thursday, August 16 at 7:00 Dress Rehearsal (South Suburban Christian Church)
Friday, August 17 at 7:00 Concert (South Suburban Christian Church)
Saturday, August 18 at 7:00 Concert

To tantalize your musical palate, some highlights for the 2007-2008 season

Nov 2,3 and 4 - Igor and his American Buddies (celebrating Stravinsky's
125th plus friends, i.e. Copland, Gershwin, etc)

March 11, 2008 - Music Festival celebrating Bernstein (90th anniversary) and
Borodin (175th anniversary) Selections from Westside Story and Polovetsian Dances

April 27, 2008 - Brahms Requiem (175th anniversary)

Because this helps us prepare, please let Angela know if you are singing this summer or if you're singing and bringing guests or friends or family ASAP. Additionally, also let her know if you're singing the 2007-2008 season.

Best wishes until we see each other on July 9 and begin celebrating another exciting year of music in Littleton and the South Metro Denver Area!

Dr. Jim  :-)

June 9
Hi folks - Thanks to those of you who already responded about helping at the
Rockies game.  We still need more people to help with handing out tickets. 
Remember that if you help, you will receive a free ticket to the game.  You
can invite friends and family to hang out with you also.  You need to be at
Coors Field by 3:15 on Saturday, June 16th (a week from today).  If we don't
have enough people to help out, then the Rockies won't give us the money for
helping. . . so if you are available to help, please let me know soon so we
can get final numbers.  It's also an exciting night because everyone will
get a free tie from Macy's in honor of Father's Day on the 17th.  The
Rockies have done pretty well lately, so don't miss this!
Thanks - hope all are enjoying a beautiful weekend!
Angela Alderson

June 4
Hi Chorale folk!  Haven't heard from me for a while and I am writing to ask
for some help.  Our chorale offers to help with a Rockies game every year. 
If we get the amount of people needed to show up and help, then our chorale
received $500 from the Rockies.  The game we have signed up to help with is
on Saturday, June 16th.  If you are willing to help, you need to be at Coors
Field by 3:15.  We will need 25-30 people to help.  As we have mentioned
with some concert help, youth can help, but they need to be old enough to be
responsible to help with what the Rockies need.  People will stand by
entrances to the field and pass out "coupons" to the people coming to the
game.  All people that help out will receive a free ticket to the game.  If
you are interested in helping out, please just reply to this email.  Ken
Coddington will be organizing this as he has in the past.  Once I get a list
of people that are interested, I will pass you on to Ken and he will be the
contact person. The Rockies play Tampa Bay that night, and it is Father's
Day Tie night. . . should be a fun time!
Sorry if you receive this multiple times, as I am trying to send it out to a
couple different email lists I have to try to get the most involvement!
Remember - summer season starts on Monday, July 9th at St. Luke's UMC.  Hope
you are having a good start to June!
Angela Alderson
chorale manager

May 4
Hi Chorale Folk -
This is a friendly reminder that we need to be at LUMC Saturday night at
6:00 in order to have our chorale picture taken.  Even though it is supposed
to rain, that might be a good thing as maybe we will not have to worry about
the sun getting in the way.  Obviously, please come dressed and ready to
smile pretty for the camera!
Also - if anyone has some family helpers to work with our concert manager
for the concert, please have them come at 6:00 on Saturday, and 2:00 on
Sunday.  If you know you will have people willing to help us out with this,
please reply to this email to let me know.
Remember to review your music again before you come tomorrow night - we will
have a much better concert that way!
See you Saturday night!

May 2
Hi chorale folk - I think that everyone who was at the dress rehearsal
received their song for the reception time.  Please remember that this is a
top secret plan, so to keep it quiet!  For those of you handing out music,
do you have enough for the folks that were not there last night, and is
there anyone who did not get the music last night?  I will make more copies
of the song and give it to those people who need it on Saturday night.
***If you do not have the music, or know of someone who did not get it,
please respond to this email and let me know.
Also - thank you for your donations of money for the gift for Jim.  We
collected enough for the gift, and some towards the cost of the food and
punch, but we will still need a little more money to cover the cost of the
reception.  There will be a basket out during the reception and we are
hoping that each member can donate $1 for the reception food.  (Honestly -
only $1 per person and we will have it covered.)
Thank you -

May 1
Hi Chorale folk - remember to be at rehearsal tonight ready to sing at 7:00.
  Please review your music so we can have a good dress rehearsal!  Please
also see the message from Hank Fischer below:
See you tonight - Angela

Dear Chorale members,

Tonight at the dress rehearsal you will be given a single sheet of music. 
The music will be very familiar, the words will not.  Please keep this quiet
and do not let Jim in on this.  It's something we will sing for him at the
reception after the Sunday concert.  So look over the words and see how they
fit the music.  Bring the music with you on Sunday.  We will not rehearse as
a group.  Betty will direct and Linda will play.  It should be fun.  But
remember, "Loose lips sink ships."


April 30
Hi Chorale Folk -
Thanks to all of you who have already given some money to the "James Ramsey
gift fund".  We are
getting him some mother-of-pearl cuff links and studs for his tuxedo, now
that he is officially DR. James Ramsey.  I have done a lot of looking and
comparison shopping, and think I have found a great set.  We still need a
little more money to purchase this gift.  I know there have been a few of
you who have told me that you will bring money, but you keep forgetting.  I
need to have the money by Tuesday night's dress rehearsal.  (I would really
appreciate it if you brought it tonight!)  I will be around, so you can just
hand me the money - it's too hard to secretly pass the envelope around.
Thank you for your support of this - I think he will really like the gift.
Don't worry - Jim is not getting this email, so everything is still hush
See you tonight!

April 26
Dear chorale folk -
Please keep Laura Machen and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  I am
sad to pass on the news that Laura's daughter passed away today.  They have 
not made any funeral arrangements yet, but I will pass on that information
to you when I know.  I will have a card to sign at rehearsal on Monday
night. Your thoughts and prayers for Laura and her family are the best we
can do right now.

April 24
Hi Chamber chorale folk - just wanted to let you know that tonight's east
elementary concert is still on as scheduled.  We understand if you live in a
place where the snow is really piling up. . . but things on this side of
town and out west towards East elementary are fine.  See you around 6:30!

Chamber chorale group - The following is the information from Ken about
parking.  I think we covered directions on how to get there last night, but
if you have questions about where you are going, please let me know and I
will do my best to help.  Try to give yourself extra time to get there and
try to stay dry and warm. . .

I talked with Greg Sumlin at East and we can park on the playground  on the
back side of the school for tonight's program.  We can also  park along the
bus lanes in the back. They will also plan to have  someone at the
cafeteria door to let us in the back way.

Beginning about 6:15 I will be outside (with my umbrella) near the  entry
to the playground to help direct Chorale members.

See you tonight.


April 14
Hi Chorale folk - I know some of you may not get this email until Monday at
work, but if you are interested, please reply to this email as soon as
If you are interested in auditioning for any of the solos that are in the
music that we are working on, those will be held this Monday, April 16th
starting at 9:15 (after chorale rehearsal).
I have a list below of the solo opportunities in the music that we are
working on.  If you are interested, please respond to this email and then I
will reply to you with what time you have been assigned.  The group of
auditions that is occuring before rehearsal is different because that is for
pieces that you have prepared on your own separate from the music the
chorale is singing.
Solo opportunities within our music:
Brindisi - Tenor solo and then tenor and soprano duet
Habanera - Mezzo
Major General - Baritone/Tenor
Jim will assign solos from Les Mis at a later date.
If you have questions about this, please let me know.  If you are interested
in auditioning for any of the solos above, please respond to this as soon as
possible so I can make a schedule.
Thank you - enjoy what looks like a great weekend!

April 6
Hi Chorale folk - on this wonderful drizzly Friday. . .

Reminder that if you want a CD from the Music Festival, I need your order
and payment ($15) by this Monday's rehearsal (4/9).  Any CDs that are
ordered after that will cost $20.

If you are interested in auditioning for a solo/duet/etc for this May
concert, please respond to this email and I will give you an audition time. 
This is something you already have prepared and want to perform in this
concert.  Auditions will take place from 6-6:30 and possibly after chorale
practice on Monday, April 16th.

Be planning ahead - start thinking about who would enjoy this concert to
sell tickets to!  Also be thinking about if you are wanting to order a CD
for this Operetta concert in May.  They will need to be pre-ordered and paid
for by the concert!

Have a good weekend and a Happy Easter - see you all Monday night!

April 3
Littleton Chorale folk - this is from Opera Colorado, and they asked Jim
Ramsey to pass it on to all
who might be interested from the Littleton Chorale.  Please don't respond
back to me - respond to the phone or the online site listed below if you are
interested.  Thanks!

Opera Colorado presents a unique opportunity!

Master Class with Frank Lopardo
April 27 at 2:00 p.m.
Newman Center for the Performing Arts
For one day only, learn about operatic singing with the 2007 Opera
Colorado Outreach Ensemble from celebrated tenor Frank Lopardo. The
class is offered on April 27 from 2-5 pm at the Hamilton Recital at
the Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver.
The cost is $10 and space is limited, so reserve your seat today by calling
303-778-0371 or reserving online
You don't want to miss this unique opportunity!

April 2nd
Hi chorale folk - just a friendly reminder that after having last week off,
we are meeting again tonight for rehearsal at LUMC.
Please remember also that if you want to order a CD from the music festival,
all CDs will be pre-ordered and pre-paid.  I will have forms tonight for you
to fill out, and each CD is $15.  All CDs that are ordered later will cost
$20 each.  Make sure you are prepared for your CD order tonight.
Thanks!  See you then!

March 23
Hi Chorale folk - this is just a friendly reminder that we have a little
break - there is no rehearsal this Monday, March 26th.  Enjoy the week off
and come back ready to work on our May concert pieces!
See you on April 2nd!

Chorale members - we are changing our format for ordering CDs.  We would
like for you to pre-pay for the CDs you order.  This will help the
distribution of CDs once they come in, and we will not have so many CDs left
over because people forget or change their mind.  I know several of you have
already responded to my email, and you will need to fill out the form below
as well.  We had hoped to be able to pass out a hard copy of this at either
the rehearsal or the concert, and many of you have heard by now that I have
been pretty sick for about a week.  I am emailing this to everyone.  If you
have the ability to print it out, fill it and out, and bring it with you
(with money) to rehearsal on April 2nd, that would be great.  I will have
some hard copies of this form with me at rehearsal that night, so you could
fill it out and pay for it then.  If you have any questions, please let me
know via email and I can try to clarify things for you.
Thank you -

Littleton Chorale  Members;                                                
                        March 20, 2007

John Harper will again be recording the Music Festival and will be
producing a 2 disk CD. The cost is $15. If you wish to order the 2
disk CD of the Music Festival please complete the form on this
sheet,  enclose it with a check or money order in an envelope and
either give  it to Angela at the Chorale rehearsal on April 2  or  place
a stamp on and envelope and mail it to: Littleton
Chorale, P.O.  Box 206, Littleton, CO 80160. (If you give your order
to Angela she  will accept cash - please do not mail cash.)

The deadline for ordering CD's is April 3. The plan is for the CD's
to be ready to give out by our May  5 & 6 concerts.

Zip________ Phone __________________________
I would like to order ____ CD's of the Music Festival at $15.00
each.  Total $_________
Enclosed is a check or money order, payable to Littleton Chorale,
for  $______________.
The deadline for ordering CD's at $15.00 is April 3, 2007.
CD's  ordered after the April 3rd deadline or purchased from the few extra
CDs available after pre-orders are delivered will cost $20.00.

March 19
FYI - event parking for the garage will start at 4pm on Tuesday 3/20.  There
is a $6 flat rate for parking in the garage.  If you don't park there, you
will need to find a place to park on the streets surrounding the Newman
Center.  Pay attention to signs, as there are many places that you cannot
park.  Plan ahead to give yourself a little extra time to get into the hall
in order to find a place to park and time to find where you are going.
See you there -

Hi Chorale folk - just a reminder that rehearsal tonight is at St. Luke's
UMC from 7:00-9:30.
No musicianship class tonight.

March 18
First of all, I want to thank all of you for the great work you have done
in helping sell out this concert.  We have purchased all the tickets that
we can purchase, with an available amount left to sell the night of the
concert.  There are 40 tickets left at Gates box office for that purpose.

Secondly I would like to remind those of you who haven't returned your
ticket envelopes to me to please bring them on Monday.  If you have any
tickets to return, I must have them, so that I can fill any last minute
orders we may get on the website, or give back to the box office to sell. 
I would also like for you to bring any Will Call envelopes you might have. 
As I have said at rehearsal, these must be paid for in advance.  They
cannot be paid for at the box office the night of the concert.

I have set up a procedure for returning the tickets.  Do not give them to
me.  I will be busy with some other ticket business.  If you are an Alto,
Tenor or Bass, Sandy Larson will be collecting both your ticket and Will
Call envelopes.  Jeannie Hougnon will collect ticket and Will Call
envelopes from the Sopranos.

In addition to the need for getting the unused tickets back, I have a wish
to keep the stress and confusion down on concert night.  And I prefer not
to have to call people after the concert, as well.  I will need to get the
money to Jim Davidson to deposit, and I want to take it to him all at once.
  With your help and co-operation, that is what will happen.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  It's going to be a Great Concert!

Mary Gail

March 16
Hi chorale folk - this is your first reminder - I wanted to send it out on
Friday to get most everyone.  I will send it out again towards the end of
the weekend.

be the musicianship class due to Jim working with Young Voices and the
For those of you new to the chorale - this is a piano dress rehearsal, but
you do not need to "dress" as you would for the concert.  Please come in
your normal rehearsal attire.

Also - If you would like to pre-order a CD of this amazing concert, please
respond via email or let me know at Monday night's rehearsal.  You will pay
for them when we get them later.

Have a great weekend - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

March 9, 2007
Dear Chorale Members,

Your response to this week's I Can Help Survey (ICH, to my German
sensibilities) was really very enthusiastic.  The result is that we have
commitments from many of you to help in various ways that will truly help
make the Annual Music Festival a great success.
Below are listed the various areas and tasks in which you've agreed to help
along with names, numbers and group leaders to whom you can respond.  For
those of you who have offered money to be used for tickets for the East
Elementary students and their parents, we have listed you by name without
dollar amounts.  Also, if you still need to get a check to Jim Davidson,
please do so Monday.     Hank Fischer and the Board of Directors.

Sunny D Helpers Wilt Cooper                303-973-5228    Leader
Beth Caldwell 303-470-6615
Travis Holland 303-898-1057
Kate Smartt 720-348-9625
Mary Wenkheimer 303-794-0264

Risers/Stage Setup Howard Smith 303-972-3532   Leader
Tom McAllister 303-804-0422 can help after
Dick Ellis 303-688-1997 before and after
Fred Garland  303-794-5866 both
Larry Hunt 303-770-6954 after
Paul Nickoley  303-791-2375 both
John Ott  303-688-3960 both
Chris Stambaugh 303-795-6335 can provide a pickup
Mike Stenhouse  303-973-9150 after
Diane Villareal  303-693-1678 after

Tickets Mary Gail Horan 303-840-1562 Leader
Jeannie Hougnon  303-798-9227
Sandy Larson  303-773-6872
Erynn Schryack  720-488-5563

Spouse/Teen Helpers Ken Coddington  303-795-0401
at Concert Donn Briscoe (Brenda) 3-221-3209before
Paula Cooper (Wilt)303-971-8671 before
Cheryl Hubin 303-973-2392  before to help with
East Elem kids
Jim Hougnon (Jeannie) 3-798-9227after
Jane Ott (John)  303-688-3960 before and after
Mary Coats, Stacia Chard ?
(Chris Stambaugh 303-795-6335)
Vocal Competition Helper on 3-16 at Mt. Vista HS Karen Anderson

Program Preparation Ken Coddington Leader
Clark Alexander 303-683-6188
Nancy Johansen 303-794-3469
Sandy Larson 303-773-6053
Randy Runyon970-590-9055

Patron Donations Dick Baxter  303-798-0759 Leader

Marilyn Adkins   $50
Betty Barry   $50
Dick and Barb Baxter $250
Hank and Kathleen Fischer $100

East Elementary Ticket Contributors:

Larry Hunt
Dick Ellis
Mike Stenhouse
Sandy Larson
Diane Villareal
Clark Alexander
Wilt Cooper
Erynn Shryack
Cheryl Hubin
Marilyn Adkins
Dick and Barb Baxter
Barb Johnson
Karen Anderson
Pat Jordan
Sue Thompson
Jean Nutter
Tom McAllister
Betty Barry
Hank Fischer
Mary Gail Horan
Brad David

March 6
Hi chorale folk - this information was in the notes from last night, but I
wanted to also send it out in email format.  If you are interested and
available to participate, please let me know as soon as possible so I can
start a list of those folks who can sing.  It will continue to be in the
notes for a few weeks, but it is easier to respond via email for most
Thank you - have a good week!

Colorado Prayer Breakfast
We are looking for a large numbers of volunteers to sing at the Colorado
Prayer Breakfast on May 24th.  All members of The Littleton Chorale are
invited to sing.  We will be performing in front of a 2,000 person audience
so we need strong representation from TLC.  It is an honor that we have been
invited to sing at this prestigious event.

Even though the event is called a "breakfast", it is actually over
lunchtime.  We will probably sing at around 11:45, but people would need to
be at the Colorado Convention Center by 11:00.  We will be finished at
around 12:30.

We will rehearse for this event on the Monday after the May concert (May 7),
in addition to one other occasion.  We will perform music that we have done
before and that is spiritual/sacred.

We would really appreciate it if you could participate.  Please let Angela
know as soon as possible.

What: Colorado Prayer Breakfast
Where: Convention Center (downtown)
Date: May 24th
Time: 11:00 - 1:00

March 5
Hello all -

I am borrowing Angela's distribution list to tell you about some items that I will be bringing to rehearsal tonight.

As many of you know we recently moved the Chorale's storage unit contents to my house.  As a result of that move we sorted through all of the items in the storage unit and began to ask ourselves "why in the heck do we have all this stuff?"  Sounds familiar, eh?

Here is the list of items that the Board has determined we no longer need to keep for Chorale purposes.  Whatever is not taken by Chorale members will be donated to East Elementary or a charitable organization.

1) 2 bolts of black crepe cloth

2) 1 large roll of bright pink satin-like material

3) Many, many emerald green sashes, which are approximately 3 feet long and 2 inches wide

4) Some smaller bits of white material

5) About 8 women's choir outfits from past years.  Maybe a high school or junior high costuming department could use these?

6) 2 steel shelving units.  These are about 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 1 foot deep.  They are a little dented, but still work nicely.  I will not be bringing these tonight.  If you would like them I would ask that you come get them from my house.  I live on Jackass Hill, right over by Mineral & Santa Fe.

I will have the items available at break tonight.


March 3, 2007

Dear Littleton Chorale Member,

In 3 weeks we will be having our 5th Music Festival.  Much of the planning
and preparation has been done, but with a Festival this large there is
always something else to be done.  If everyone helps out we can have a great
Festival without having a majority of the work fall to just a few people. 
This e-mail is to encourage you to let us know how you can help.

Please look over items below and think about which activity(s) you would be
willing to help with.  At Monday's Chorale rehearsal you will be given a
hard copy of this same information sheet to complete.  The results of the
completed sheets will be compiled and by Wednesday, March 7, an e-mail will
be sent to all Chorale members indicating the participants in various
groups.  A chairperson will be selected for each group and that person will
communicate with members of his/her group regarding how the group will
accomplish its task.

Littleton Chorale Board of Directors

March 5, 2007
Name _______________________________ Phone _____________________________
e-mail address ___________________________________________________________
I have checked the activity(s) where I am willing to help.

1. ____ I will help with the distribution of Sunny D products.  Tasks
include things like" moving products from loading dock to entry lobby;
setting up tables; distributing products after concert; etc.

2. ____ I will help with the risers/stage set up.
A. ____ I can be at Gates Hall at noon time on March 20 to help unload
and set up the risers. (about an hour)
B. ____ I can help take down and load risers after the concert. (about an
C. ____ I can help at both times.

3. ___ I will help with tickets.  Mary Gail will organize ways you can help
her with tickets.

4. ___ I will help Ken Coddington with the printed program.  Much of the
activity will be a week or so before the concert as we gather information
for the program.

I have recruited my spouse and/or high school or college age offspring,
______________________________, to help at the concert.  (The spouse/helper
will be assigned to tasks that allow them to see most of the concert.  They
get free admission to the concert.)

5. ___ My spouse/offspring can be at Gates Hall by 6:00pm.  Early people
will help with various activities before the concert begins at 7:30 with
things like: Greeting people at entrance doors and providing directions;
checking in coats at "Coat Check"; working at "Will Call" table; assisting
ushers at concert doors; etc.

6. ___ My spouse/offspring can stay after the concert to help with various
activities like: checking our coats at "Coat Check"; collecting audience
surveys; general pickup; etc. (about 45 min. to an hour)

7. ___ My spouse/offspring can help either time.


8. ___I cannot help at this time, but I would like to make a donation of
$________ to help the Chorale with Music Festival expenses.

9.___ I would like to donate $_________ to help purchase concert tickets for
the parents of East Elementary School Honor Choir members.  Tickets cost $10

10. ____ I would like to become a Littleton Chorale Patron with a donation
of $ ______.
Patron contribution levels start with the "Friends" level at $50;
"Associate" - $100; "Supporter" - $250; and a few more levels.  Patrons
names are printed in concert program on the "Honor Roll of Patrons" page for
the concert season.

February 28
Hi chorale folk!  

Below you will find the schedule for rehearsals for the
next couple of weeks.  This Monday, March 5th, there is a change due to the chamber chorale working with the students of East Elementary.
Please remember to try to sell your tickets that you have, but to bring back tickets to Mary Gail if you cannot sell them so that she can re-distribute them to other people who can sell them.
Have a good week (snow again!!!) and we'll see you Monday!

March 5 -
6:30 - 6:55  Musicianship Class (chapter 15)
7:00 - 7:30  Chamber Choir with East Elementary School Honors Choir
7:35 - 8:15  Carmina Tutti
8:15 - 8:30  Break and announcements
8:30 - 9:00  Carmina Tutti
9:00 - 9:30  Carmina Men

March 12
6:30  Musicianship Class
7:00  Carmina Tutti
8:15  Break
8:30  Operetta Tutti

Angela Alderson
Chorale Manager

February 14
A few notes from Jim about what rehearsal will look like on Monday, February 19th.  Please take some time to look at these before Monday night.

7:00 - 8:15
2. Fortune Plango (focus on the men's diction and ensemble)
5. Ecce Gratum (tempos and diction in the faster part)
7. Floret silva (diction and articulation)
8. Chramer, gip (diction for women)
20. Veni, veni (pitches and dynamic contrast - check the ending too and
make sure all notes are
22. Tempus (dynamic contrast and diction - check parts when men or women
only - weak middles)

8:10 Women break while men sing -
       14. In taberna (Men: precise diction - not too fast through circle
98 only)
8:20 Men break

8:30 - Announcements

8:35 - 9:30
Tutti - Operetta concert music for Chorale
Va, pensiero
The Gondoliers
The Student Prince
         p.1-14 and 21-32 only
Die Fledermaus
         A Toast (whole thing)
         Waltz Finale

Feb. 12
     6:30  Musicianship Class
     7:00  Chamber Chorale -
             Sectionals for Littleton Chorale on Carmina
     7:45  Tutti Carmina
     8:15  Break
     8:30  Tutti Rehearsal on Carmina

Feb. 19
     6:30  Musicianship Class
     7:00  Carmina Tutti
     8:15  Break
     8:30  Operetta tutti

Feb. 26
     6:30  Musicianship Class
     7:00  Chamber Chorale/Sectionals on Carmina
     7:45  Carmina Tutti
     8:15  Break
     8:30  Carmina tutti

March 5
     6:30  Musicianship Class
     7:00  Carmina Tutti
     8:15  Break
     8:30  Operetta tutti

March 12
     6:30  Musicianship Class
     7:00  Carmina Tutti
     8:15  Break
     8:30  Chamber Chorale

March 18 - Rehearsal Cancelled

March 19 (Rehearsal at St. Luke's)
     6:30  Young Voices/Soloist
     7:00  Carmina Tutti Piano Dress
     9:00  Chamber Chorale

March 20 (Concert at Gates Hall)
    4:30  Chamber Chorale with East Elementary on stage
    4:45  Set up for Orchestra
    5:00  Orchestra rehearsal
    5:30  Set up on risers for Carmina Dress (Littleton Chorale call)
    5:40  Carmina Dress with Orchestra
    7:00  House opens for concert
    7:30  Concert begins

Feb. 3, 2007
Hi Chorale folk - Below is the schedule and the pieces to work on for our rehearsal on Monday, February 5th.  Please try to find time to review and work on the pieces listed before Monday night's rehearsal.

Rehearsal Feb. 5
7:00 - 8:15 = Tutti Carmina
3. Veris leta facies
5. Ecce Gratum
7. Floret
9. Swaz
20. Veni
22. Tempus est
24.  Ave Formosissima

8:30 - 9:30 = Sectionals Carmina
8. Chramer, Gip (Women)
11. Estuans interius (men)
13. Ego sum abbas (men)
14. in taberna (men)
19. Si puer cum (men)

Starting February 12th rehearsal, we will have rehearsals for the chamber chorale and sectionals for the Littleton Chorale during rehearsal.  There will be a complete schedule for the next month and a half in the chorale notes on Monday night.
Have a good weekend - see you Monday!
Angela Alderson

January 28
Hi chorale folk -
I didn't realize that I had made a mistake on the Chorale Notes from last week.  Under the director's notes, I had listed the days that Jim was working with the high school choirs for the Music Festival.  I had one of them listed on the wrong day.  Jim met with the high school choirs tonight (Sunday night), and will not be working with them on January 29th (as the notes states).

We are still having musicianship class and regular rehearsal at LUMC on Monday, January 29th.  For those of you that sent an email, or phoned me to clarify, I hope this makes sense.  If you are still confused, please respond to this email and I will try to explain better.

See everyone tomorrow night at rehearsal!!

Angela Alderson
chorale manager

A couple of reminders - if you sang with the Littleton Chorale last season and want to be a part of the Chamber Chorale, you don't have to audition. You simply need to commit to all of the concerts for the entire 2006-2007 season and let Angela know that you will be singing with the Chamber Chorale. 

For those of you new this year (even if you sang with us this
summer), you need to audition for the Chamber Chorale, or just be a member of the non-auditioned Littleton Chorale. For those of you interested in auditioning for the Littleton Chamber Chorale, auditions will take place on Monday, September 18th from 6:00-6:30pm.  Please let me know that you are interested, and I will email you back with your audition time.

Musicianship classes start next week from 6:30-7:00 at LUMC.  There were 42 people that signed the sheet of interest on Monday night, so it should be a good class!  Remember that if you didn't already pay for these classes, you need to bring money Monday night.  $10 for each semester, or $20 for the entire year.

We start the schedule of sectionals for the Littleton Chorale and work
with the Chamber Chorale from 7:00-8:00 on Monday, September 18th.  We will then all sing together from 8:15-9:30 with the Mozart.

If you haven't signed up for the musicianship classes, but are interested, please feel free to join us on Monday night from 6:30-7:00.

Angela Alderson
Chorale Manager


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