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Race for the Cure Team
In the picture are
Kay Swanson, Nancy Green, Carol Foster, Bill Foster, and Grace Ellsworth.
Also on our walking team was Nell Bly--not pictured.
Team members sleeping in for the cure were:
Corinna Foster, Lisa Wagner, Betty Blunt, and Joan Wills.

This year's team joined the fight against breast cancer once again on October 3rd.

Yay, team!!!

Race for the Cure
Littleton Chorale team entry for last year's Race for the Cure--the Susan G. Komen Race
Back Row: Grace Ellsworth, Sue Thompson, Bill Foster, Pat Jordan
Front Row: Kay Swanson, a 7 year survivor and Carol Foster, a 3 year survivor

Join our team in the fight against breast cancer. Walk, donate, or 'sleep in' for the cure. The date of this year's event is October 3rd, 2010. 

Check back for information about our Littleton Chorale team!


Performing in Europe

Vienna Group
In front of St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna.
(L-R): Grace Ellsworth, Kathy Van Damme, Carol Foster, Karol Teiko, Deonne Titus, Paula Schrank, Cathy Horvath, Dr. Michael Krueger.

A choir tour was put on by Larimer Chorale, also conducted by Michael Krueger, and several members of the Littleton Chorale joined them this summer, 2010!  The group performed in Europe as part of the tour.




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