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Prospective Member FAQ
[Frequently Asked Questions]

What kind of music does the Littleton Chorale perform?
The Chorale performs a wide variety of music ... classical, jazz, world music, musical theater, etc., but we especially enjoy our collaborations with professional orchestras to perform pieces like the Mozart Requiem, Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, Handel's Messiah and Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

Do I have to audition to sing in The Littleton Chorale?
Yes.  All singers are required to audition for the Chorale.  If you've got some choral singing experience in your background, you'll find that it's relatively easy and it only takes about 10 minutes.  Once you've been accepted into the Chorale, you will be asked to re-audition every third year you're involved.*
[Please note: we have a Summer Chorus that doesn't require an audition.  See below!]

When and where do you rehearse?
We rehearse on Monday evenings from 7-9:30 pm at Littleton United Methodist Church near downtown Littleton, one block south of Littleton Blvd. (See map).  Typically, we start the first Monday after Labor Day in September and continue through the late spring.

How many performances do you have each year?
We typically perform 3 or 4 different concerts each "season" (September - May).  To build consistency and to grow musically, we do expect each member of the Chorale to commit to the entire concert season.

What if I have to travel for work or I have a family obligation like a wedding or funeral that causes me to miss a concert?
We know that "life happens" and that sometimes work, your family or your health needs to be the priority in your life.  You can apply for a "Leave of Absence" that will excuse you from a particular concert.  If, however, you have to miss more than one concert in a season, you will have to re-audition.*

Do you have an attendance policy?
Yes.  We need our singers at every rehearsal.  Members are allowed to miss 2 rehearsals for each concert preparation cycle.  (Of course, we hope that our members want to be at all of our rehearsals!)  Designated dress rehearsals are mandatory.  If you miss a dress rehearsal or 2 regular rehearsals, you will not be able to sing that concert.*

What is the Chorale's concert attire?
Women wear a black concert dress, black hose and black shoes with closed toes.  Dresses are ordered at the beginning of each concert season.  Approximate cost is $100.  Men wear a black tuxedo jacket, black pants, black socks and black shoes with black bow tie and cummerbund and white shirt.  Approximate cost is $120.

Tell me about the Summer Chorus
Each year the Summer Chorus performs a concert of lighter music: musical theater, pop/rock, folk, etc for Littleton's Western Welcome Week.  Summer Chorus rehearsals begin the first Monday after the 4th of July and the concerts are usually in mid to late August.  No audition necessary.  It's "y'all come and have lots of fun!"  We hope that you'll want to audition for us and sing the entire concert season!

How can I find out more about The Littleton Chorale?
Chorale manager, Carol Foster, is available to answer any additional questions you may have.  You may contact Carol by email at or by phone at (303) 973-9593.

We hope you'll consider auditioning for the Chorale in the near future.  Thanks for reading our FAQ.

*Final decisions on these matters will be left to the discretion of the conductor in consultation with the chorale manager and board president.


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